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My Time with Anúna

Tower Records, London.

Promoting Album, after in store performance

London Proms - Royal Albert Hall

Outside Tower Records Oxford St.

Practising!... for looking at the solar eclipse due in 1 hour.

In Hyde Park after rehearsals for Proms

On tour in Norway

How do you like my Yacht? ... If Only!

Performance in Kristiansand, Norway with Méav

Norway tour

With Julie Feeney, roses and beetle!

Fun outside our Kensington Hotel, London Tour.

Working on our lines.

Shadows of the Solar Eclipse taking place on ground, London.

John...Eclipse Man in protective gear.

Tower records Oxford St.

Joanna Fagan, also of Riverdance fame, in front of promotional window,

With Norwegian girls in Folk dress, giggling.

With Rose after Performance in Norway.

Dressing room Royal Albert Hall.

10 minutes before performance.

Giggles in London after the concert

Isle of Man, Celtic Festival before performance.

Kristiansand Water Sculpture, on Marina in Norway.

Parading around London on tour.

Fun in Club Cuba after performance with friends.

Performance with Méav as soloist.

Attitude photo in front of Royal Albert Hall.

Square in Kristiansand, Norway Tour.

Joanna and I in Norway by the Marina.



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