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Music is the universal language that binds us all.


Visit to Clare:

I recently spent some time in Co Clare and all that salty sea air has resulted in a burst of creative inspiration. 

I sang around the ceremonial bonfire to celebrate the Summer Solstice on June 21st at a druidic celebration with friends.  The custom was that Druids led the ancient Celts in ceremonies of homage to the sun on this day.  One of the rituals was the wrapping of a cartwheel with straw, setting it alight and rolling it downhill.  I would love to say that we celebrated this ritual too but unfortunately the Department of the Environment doesn't take too kindly to that sort of behaviour these days!

I also sang to celebrate Midsummer’s Eve (St. John’s Eve) on the 23rd of June.  The customs associated with St John's Eve are reminiscent of the Bealtaine bonfires.   Children often joined hands and leapt through the embers of the fire to symbolise growth of corn and  harvest abundance.  People leapt through the flames for good luck, for marriage and for good health.  Farmers carried brands sunwise round fields to purify crops.  Sometimes a garland of St John's Wort was picked at dawn and was hung on the door of the house to protect the household from spirits and ghosts of the past.  On this night the morning dew had healing and beautifying powers like the May morning dew.  Celebrating such festivals is vital to our psychic health and helps us to attune to  the rhythms of nature.  I feel its important and a lot of fun to carry on the sacred traditions of our ancestors.

Slán go fóill,

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Rhíannon xxx




Guitar Festival 2004

I have just spent an extraordinary week at the Walton’s World Guitar Festival of Ireland 2004 in Dublin. I was lucky to be  sponsored by Walton’s and Lyric FM and had the good fortune to meet some of the world’s greatest guitarists and to learn from them throughout the week.

I was enthralled with all the stunning performances and thoroughly enjoyed all the master classes and even took part in some of the guitar workshops.

I really liked how each master guitarist taught with an element of humour in their master classes and John Feeley was particularly funny. Berta Rojas is an exquisite player and in her master classes she was so encouraging to everyone and had a natural generosity of spirit in her teaching style.

The John Williams Concert in the National Concert Hall was sublime! Wow! What a virtuoso. 

I was blown away by Clive Carroll’s mastery of the instrument at his concert in the Bank of Ireland’s Art’s Space in Foster Place, and the sounds that he could get from the guitar. His album “Sixth Sense” is an amazing debut album and well worth checking out!

On the last day I went to a Louis Stewart jazz concert in Mother Redcaps and a flamenco concert by the great Raphael.

Its given me a new lease of creative energy and focus. Berta Rojas says that you can achieve anything if you believe in yourself and put in the work and practise. Determination and perseverance and patience are the pre requisites but once you put in the work and have a strong enough desire to achieve your aims then truly anything is possible. She was inspiring as was every one on the course.

Live Performances & Recording News

                        Just a note to let you know that I will be playing as The Guest Artist on Monday 29th of July   for the Lazy Band, upstairs in Bewleys Cafe on Grafton Street, gig starts around 8pm. I will be joined by Catherine Morgan on Guitar...hope to see some of you there...

15/05/13     Currently in Rehearsals for "A Mother" (Adaptation of a short story by James Joyce, by Val O'Donnell) Playing the part of Kathleen Kearney, to be performed on 14/06/13 in The United Artists Club at 7.30pm for one performance only.

03/05/13     Recorded Strings and Grand Piano for 2 tracks on Joe Black Ryder's latest album "Folklines"

02/05/12     Irish Traditional and World Folk Concert in Aras Chronain with Georgia Theresa

01/05/12     Irish Traditional and World Folk Concert in Aras Chronain with Catherine Morgan

30/04/12     World Folk Concert at Aras Chronain at the CEOLTOIR SESSIONS

13/04/11       Irish Traditional Concert in Aras Chronain with BCFE Ceoltoir.

18/03/11       Irish Traditional St Patricks Weekend Gig, with Tommy Vaughan in the United Artists    Club, Dublin.

16/02/11       Irish Traditional Performance with Tommy Vaughan in Shebeen Chic, Dublin.

27/01/11       Irish Traditional Performance with Tommy Vaughan and Kathleen Watkins at the United Artists Club

 07/12/10      I performed 2 songs live in the Button Factory, Temple Bar at the Pecker Dunne Tribute Concert.

09/11/10       I have just Recorded 3 tracks with Janet Harbison, (Harpist), for her Album "Honour & Glory" which was launched on 07/12/10 in Limerick.

 11/10/10       Sang at the Greek Ambassador's Residence, Killiney, performing Traditional Irish Ballads, with  Tommy Vaughan on Low Whistle.

06/07/09       Sang at the Greek Ambassador's Residence in Ireland, to an audience of Diplomats and   Digniteries, performing Traditional Irish Ballads, with Tommy Vaughan on Low Whistle.

 05/11/08      Thanks to everyone who came to the gig last Thursday and/or bought the Halloween Lady  Single! We got to no. 5 on Downloadmusic.ie's chart and had a great night in Bewleys.

 30/10/08      Filmed a
LIVE VIDEO of HALLOWEEN LADY with Enda Reilly, on BalconyTV.com

                   30/10/08      Bewleys Cafe, Grafton Street 8pm with Andy Early &  Enda Reilly Single Launch of  HALLOWEEN LADY

                  30/10/08      Live Performance of Halloween Lady for BalconyTV.com with Enda Reilly

31/08/06      "Breathe Again" reaches Number 1 in the unsigned charts on the new firstmusiccontact/breaking tunes site

8/08/06   Rhiannon's song "Chase in the Moonlight" played on radio, in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

2/05/06   Rhiannon is one of the featured artists in show 5 of the newmusicireland.com podcast Click on the icon to listen to the show.

27/04/06  Three of Rhiannon's songs have been playlisted on Radio Mayhem in Kentucky, USA. "Breathe Again", "SealSong on Rathlin Island" and "Woman I long to Be / Chase in the Moonlight".

31/01/06       Performance at Lantern Festival, Kildare as part of      Féile Bríde,  Noirin Ni Rian also performed.

21/09/05    "Over the Brim" and "Chase in the Moonlight" are in the Broadjam Ireland Top Ten Charts.

24/05/05       Finnegan's Bar, Singer Songwriter's Club, Wexford,   
with Steafán Hanvey, Dawn Kenny and Niall Toner.
1/02/05         Kildare Cathedral.
31/01/05       Lantern Festival, Feile Bride, Kildare.

18/12/04    Headline Gig, Moat Theatre, Naas, Co. Kildare
24/11/04    Green Room, Holiday Inn, Dublin at IMRO
                   SingerSongwriter Collaboration Workshops.
  5/02/04    Special Guest, RedHotClub, Newbridge
  1/02/04    Kildare Cathedral
31/02/04    Lantern Festival, Japanese Gardens, Kildare
25/01/04    Kildare Square. Lighting of the Flame Ceremony
                   (Féile Bríde)
24/01/04    AFRI Human Rights Conference, Kildare

21/12/03    Yule Festival, Old Mill, Naas
  8/11/03    Headline Gig & CD Launch, Old Mill, Victoria Bridge,
  6/11/03    Old Mill, Naas
  3/11/03    Ruby Tuesday Sessions, Naas
30/10/03    Old Mill, Naas


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