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I really enjoy getting your feedback and I include below some of the comments that I have received to date.    If you would like to add your own comments see below :

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"Greetings from Dartmoor, all the best from the west!"(Seth Lakeman,folk singer/songwriter, Dartmoor,UK)


"...Girl with the sweetest voice!" (Alannah Myles, Indie, Soul Singer, Toronto, Canada)


"I love your material, Peace and more" (Dave Green, Arizona, USA)


"Wow! what a voice and what beautiful music, Peace x" ( Natasha Blanco-Dominguez, Coventry, UK)


"Beautifully ethereal Rhiannon with Celtic flavouring on top, delicious ;-)" (Niav, Australia)


Wonderful voice and cool tunes" (Michael Ghiggeri, New Jersey, USA)


"More power to the women, I really like your music, you have a great voice." (Su Gi, London, UK)


"Bonjour Rhiannon, Bravo pour les chansons." (Soig Siberil, Brittany, France.)

"Like your music, very original!" (Olwen Ringrose, UK)


"Great atmosphere in your music. x" (Jenny Weisgerber, Berlin, Germany)


"Greeting from sligo...very impressive...'I must lay my ghosts to rest in the stable the horse has bolted and now I am able...' Excellent!" (Indian, Irish rock,indie, band)


"You are sooooooo beautiful and your music is amazing!" (Nina Armstrong, singer/songwriter)


"We're big fans of Anuna around here and its great to see their singers go on to great solo careers as well.  The latest one we've heard about is Niamh O' Brien who now goes by the name of Rhiannon.  We look forward to bringing you lots more news about her and her beautiful original album HeartSong of the Phoenix"   (Bernadette, Celtic Cafe, USA)


"Rhiannon, you're as beautiful as your music! Great to meet you in Belfast at the Pan Arts Festival recently. I look forward to hearing more from you, you sing beautifully and I sense your kind and beautiful soul. Best of luck in all your musical pursuits and I hope we meet soon again" (Benita Hill, singer songwriter of two no. 1 hits for Garth Brooks, Nashville)


"Hear the ethereal voice of a unique solo artist and singer songwriter at rhiannon.ie" (Cliona, Dublin Chamber Choir)


"Continuing with the season of the Goddess at the Wexford Song Club is wonderful Kildare songstress Rhiannon." (Darren, Wexford Song Club)


"I found your web site, It's absolutly fantastic ,it really reflects your magical talents, I love it!" (Aymar, Kildare)

"Rhiannon sings like a lark. It was wonderful to meet you in Belfast and to hear you sing in Killyleagh. I have been listening to your CD & I'm enjoying it very much, you truly have a lovely instrument in your voice. All the best with your music." (Dana Cooper, acclaimed singer songwriter who has written for Maura O'Connell, Nashville)


"...love the excerpts from the record on the website and wish you every success with it, all the best" (Michael McGlynn, artistic director of ANUNA )


"...I discovered your website recently and I hadn't heard your music before, I listened to your songs on the web site and found your style very unusual and quite brilliant. I will be playing your music next week on my shows and I wish you all the best in the future, Slán" (Pat Garrett DJ on KRFM Killaloe radio )


"...I listened to your songs on your web site and a couple of things really stood out.  You obviously have a great voice that really showed on all the songs. Also, in 'Breathe Again' I loved the bridge. The strings really helped that along." ( Keith, Tinderbox Music & No Alternative Records, Minneapolis)


" ...Wow! Your style is so way out there. The range of your voice is amazing and you really get those high notes. Love the album, wasn't what I expected, so original. I think you have a unique style that is very much your own.  It reminds me of Tori Amos and Kate Bush. I love Breathe Again and some of the madder tracks." (Brian, Dublin)


"I'm enjoying your album, some nice moments on there.  I'm a big Joni fan and I can tell she's a major influence on you. Keep it up and Best of Luck"  (Steafán Hanvey, singer songwriter)


"Have just discovered your music, and I love your sound.  You have a beautiful voice which reminds me at times of Sandy Denny who used to sing with Fairport Convention and Fotheringay. I would really like to hear you singing more folk styled songs, you have a wonderful sense of mystery and purity in your voice. Can't wait to hear more." (John, Edinburgh, Scotland)


"You have the voice of an angel. All those lucky enough to have heard you sing at Feile Bride in Kildare in 2005 will never forget the beauty of your music. Thank you." (Eliz.Kilcullen)


"I really enjoyed your CD, love your voice , but you already know that by now.  Best of Luck in everything" (Enda McGloin, singer songwriter, Donegal)


"Rhiannon you have such a quirky and emotional voice I love your album "HeartSong..." and your  lyrics are so open and full of stories. Your voice has echoes of some of the great folk singers like Sandy Denny, Maddy Prior and June Tabor. I look forward to hearing your next album." (Olwyn, Cardiff, Wales)

"Rhiannon I really enjoyed your production in the Moat Theatre, the performance and production values were as good as it gets, excellent, well done." (Enda Cullen, lyricist, Blessington)

"...I loved your album. Am listening to it all the time. You have a beautiful voice and an amazing imagination. Some of the songs are quite mad, but in a good way. Very unusual and intriguing. Love your style." (Bríd, Blessington)


“Just a note from RadioCelt to let you know we have your CD and will have it on air asap. I see you worked with Anuna and given my Riverdance background, I am sure we will know the same people. Anyways, all the best with the recording. It will be the first week in January before you go out on air. All the Best" (Michael Londra, lead singer of Riverdance, Broadway, USA)


"Rhíannon, your music is highly innovative and completely original.  I really like your album 'HeartSong of the Phoenix', well done. I really feel that your songs would do excellently in independent films.  It was lovely to meet you recently and good luck in your musical career." (Ralph Murphy, veteran songwriter /publisher /producer and assistant vice president of ASCAP, Nashville.)

"It was a pleasure to have met you at the Belfast Nashville Songwriters festival. I hope to catch a performance of yours in the near future, All the Best." (Gary, Ontario, Canada)

"Rhiannon wrote her address in the Feile Bride visitors book and I decided to check out the site. I was impressed by her and now impressed by her site. Love and light of Brigid be always with you. Thank you." (Daniel, Kildare)

"Wow what a web site!  It gives an overall picture of you, brilliant.  You are Multi talented!" (Pat, Limerick)


"You look and sound a little like Loreena McKennit the Canadian Celtic folk singer but I like your style better.  I can see why everyone is comparing you with Kate Bush. You have a stunning voice and imagination. When is the next album coming out? Your live show blew me away!" (Aaron, Glasgow, Scotland)


"It was good to meet you at the Féile Bríde festival in Kildare , the festival was really special. I'm looking forward to listening to your CD. I wish you well with your songwriting and singing, with best wishes." (Rev. Sheila, East Sussex, England)


"I'm absolutely dying to hear your music and can't wait for the CD to arrive. Lots of Luck with all you do in the future" (Dave, London)


"You are an amazing lady. Phenomenal voice. Love the CD looking forward to your next live performance." (Brid, Killcullen)

 "Great Show in the Moat theatre Rhiannon & Co Thrilling as always!" (Ronan, Sallins)


"Irish singer-songwriter Rhíannon has been compared with Kate recently on national radio...described as a highly innovative songstress and composer." (Official Kate Bush news website)

"Rhíannon, I really like your imagery in your song 'Coyote Kisses', particularly in the lines...' Coyote Kisses on my neck...' and in ...'his hidden claws...' Well done! good song and beautiful voice."   (Jack Tempchin, songwriter for the Eagles, California )


"All I can say is Wow! What a live performance, loved every minute of your show." (Roisín, Naas)


"Rhiannon you have a super voice and are amazingly talented,    you'll go very far. Wonderful live show at the Moat Theatre. Looking forward to the next one." (Yvonne, Killcullen)


“To say it was lovely to meet you would be an understatement. You’re a beautiful person in every way. I listened to your CD twice last night and I feel I understand you even more. It’s a great piece of work. If only there were more people like you in the world. I would love to write with you some time. STAY SPECIAL" ( Christy Mc Guigan, Singer Songwriter, Rostrevor, Co. Down )

"Wow!!!!! your live show was stunning." (Jason, Prosperous)


"Rhíannon you have a beautiful voice and it was lovely to meet and talk with you in Limerick recently."   (Yungchen Lhamo, World famous Tibetan Singer, New York)

“Congrats Rhíannon! Great Buzz to hear a song on the radio. Good Luck in all you do.” (Luka Bloom, Naas)

"Rhíannon, I really enjoyed your album "HeartSong of the Phoenix", beautiful voice, congratulations. You are a very talented song writer and singer."  ( John Feeley, renowned Irish classical guitarist, Dublin. )

“You have an amazing voice & i think its time sum1 took over from Kate B. and no better woman than urself!!  Wishin you the best,
i hope to get to one of ur gigs to see you in action & blow everyone away!”
( Aine O' Doherty, Singer Songwriter, 'You're a star Contestant', Donegal)

"Delightful show in the Moat theatre, well done." (Chris & Gert, Naas)

"Great show, well worth it." (Paul, Naas)

"Fantastic show in the Moat, looking forward to next one" (Paul & Joan, Sallins)


"Its a pleasure to come and hear you sing and to see you perform, well done" (Teresa, Naas)


"Well done. well worth the drive up from Limerick, the effort you put in has shown from the beginning to the end. Excellent! Can't wait for your next show and album" (Barry, Limerick)


"Brill...loved the show in the Moat theatre. Best of luck for a great future." (Marie & Jim, Naas)


"Spiritual and Pure. Loved the show." (Thomas, Naas)

"Great show and performance in the Moat, loved it." (Frank and Marie, Dublin)


"I listened to snippets of your songs on your web site, Wow! a lot going on vocally and musically,   I'm looking forward to listening to the full album." (Brian, Dublin)


"Wonderful night! What a performance, amazing!" (Úna, Naas)

"A great night. You have a truly great voice. " (Eta, Naas)


"Your live show "HeartSong of the Phoenix" at the Moat theatre was beyond belief! Incredible!" (Bernie, Naas)


"Enjoyed ourselves immensely at your gig in the Moat, you have a huge talent." (Barry & Anne, Dublin)


"Congratulations Rhiannon! Great show...delighted to hear your stuff live...let's hear more. Fantastic performance and beautiful music. " (Cáit Brennan, s/s, Galway)


"Well done Rhiannon. Brilliant show and super singing. Look forward to seeing you in the New Year again. 2005 is going to be a brilliant one for you!" (Sarah, Limerick)


"Beautiful performance and singing. Beautiful." (Val, Prosperous)


“ I have listened to your extracts from your web site and very much want to buy your CD. Beautiful music, I hope I can get hold of a copy! All the best." (Brian, Alice Springs, Australia.)

“Best of luck with your Moat Club gig.” (Meav Ní Mhaolchatha, Celtic singer)

“ You’re a lovely girl with a voice I’d like to write for. “ (Tim Daly, lyricist, West Cork)

“I have to say I just checked out your web site and I am really impressed with all the stuff you have done, but more so by how humble and content in yourself you are. I have to say I had fun working with you and I saw a side to you which I probably wouldn’t have expected on first impressions. You are very serene and peaceful however you have an alter-ego who has a desire to be really mischievous.........I’m loving you even more now, lady!” (Nina Armstong, s/s, Belfast)

“It’s great to hear that you’re still on the creative path and that things are going so well.” (Sharon & Michael, Dublin)

“Greetings and blessings of the day! I learned of the web site via a Celtic Cafe e-mail posting. I live in Virginia, USA and plan on coming to Ireland in early December to Cork. I would love to see Rhíannon performing live and would like to make the journey from Cork City to a venue to experience her magic. All the Best.” (Mike, Virginia,USA)

"Just had to mail you after looking at your website. I am so impressed with it and am really dying to see you sing live. I love the fact that you can be so open and expressive with your singing and performances and obviously your audiences think so too. I will also be buying your CD as I am now very curious to hear the Kate Bush vocal gymnastics!" (Deirdre, Leixlip)

“Rhíannon, I’m delighted for you as you are a beautiful young woman with a wonderful spirit and deserve all the success that comes your way!” (Noel, Newbridge)

“I’ve been enjoying you serenade me all day!  So I’m sitting here listening to YOUUUUU!!!!  It’s fe**ing BRILLIANT!!!! I’m breathing again!!!!! (((((((((-:   It’s going to take FOREVER to pick a favorite!!!!!!!!!!!! But so far I think ‘Breathe Again’ and ‘To and Fro’ are favorites… But I wanted to let you know that you made my DAY, WEEK and MONTH!!! And you would NOT believe the impact you’ve had on my life already (in a good way) And it now feels like a very exciting time full of possibilities!!!Thank you so much!!!!!  Slán agus beannacht from CT!!” (Vicky, Connecticut, USA)

“Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the CD!” (Maria, Freiburg, Germany)

“Dia dhuit Rhiannon, Thank you for your participation in Féile Bríde 2004. It was a really special event this year. Your contribution as well as that of Steve, Laoise, Eithne, Luka, Donal, Richard Moore and indeed everyone who took part made it memorable indeed With good wishes, Slán,”
(Joe Murray (AFRI, Action From Ireland)

“You have a REALLY cool site...!!! Congratulations on all you have achieved with this wonderful CD! I really love the song about ‘Hunger’ and the one about the guy you let in, breaking all your bones… ‘Coyote Kisses’ Your voice is amazing and I really hope it all works out brilliantly for you. You deserve every success with all your talent!” (Cliodhna, Lusk, Co.Dublin)

“I'm delighted that your CD is doing so well & I hope the bookings for Rhíannon now roll in. You really do have a special talent. Antarctic Climber,Vaughan’s motto in life is "Dream big and dare to fail."I think in everything we do, we can find a element of the truth in his motto. Kind regards” (Aidan, Dublin )

"You have a really impressive website. Love your music." (Alison, Cellbridge)

“I'm so happy that you are doing so well with your CDs. I'm sad that I didn't see your gig in Old Mill. It was for sure great. I was checking out your website - it's beautiful, I really like the story of Rhiannon. I brought your CD to US with me so Eric could hear it. He thought that your music was very interesting. He said that you remind him of Tori Amos. It's funny because I thought the same when I heard your songs for the first time. I love your CD. It's really nice to listen to it when I want to relax. You have a really beautiful voice. Hopefully you will come to the Czech Republic as a big star for a gig one day!! Take care and I wish you lots of luck in your dream. You are great!!!!” (Katerína, Czech Republic)

“I got your CD today in Top Twenty in Naas, I learned about your CD when I was reading the Leinster Leader. I have listened to your CD lots already and I’m enjoying it very much. I wish you all the best with it and I hope it goes well. Take care Rhiannon, Slan Anois” (Owen, Naas)

“I don’t know how many people I have told about the magic of the place and the night!! Well done! Loved the gig, Love the CD. Keep it up!” (Maeve, Nurenberg, Germany)

“How are you doing my dear artist? How is your dream continuing? I hope you are very happy, because that's what you should be. I love the CD HeartSong of the Phoenix, excellent title and gorgeous music & lyrics! My favourites are ‘Coyote Kisses & ‘Stickwoman’. (Ludmilla, Saratov, Russia)

“Cool site! It’s really good, very easy to find everything and really interesting to read the myths. I never read the lyrics in detail before, I’m very impressed, they are really good. One of your many talents! Another song I really like (of the many) is ‘Chase in the Moonlight’, the harmonies are lovely too. And the reviews are great, congratulations. You deserve it. You have worked really, really hard to get all this together, and you’ve done such a great job. Well done Rhíannon!” (Sarah, Limerick)

“ Congratulations on your beautiful CD and super performance in the Old Mill, I really admire your song writing, Keep up the good work, I look forward to going to the next Rhíannon gig very soon & I am telling all my friends about your album!!” (Margaret, Naas)

“ Congratulations!!!! Your CD has pride of place in my CD collection, I love it!! My favourites are ‘Coyote Kisses’, ‘Stickwoman’, ‘Rising from the Ashes’ & ‘Hunger’ Well done! I also really like the way you finished the album with the song ‘Too & Fro’ as this gives a really positive ending. Love the writing and imagery in the songs…am listening to it constantly, Good on ya girl!” (Pat Kinevanne, Actor & Playwright, Dublin)

“My favourite song is ‘Over the Brim’, have listened to it over and over again” (Robert, Naas)

“Love the web site, brilliant design, and I really love reading your song lyrics on the web, the song titles and words are so imaginative and lovely.” (Nicole, Prosperous)

“Your web site is cool Rhíannon, the pictures in the gallery are lovely too and the songs sound brilliant I especially like ‘Breathe Again’ and ‘Chase in the Moonlight’” (Amy, Sallins)

“ Bought your CD the other day in Top Twenty in Naas, had been meaning to buy it for a while as I had seen lots of articles about you in the Leinster Leader. Sounds brilliant, love the music, hope to come to your next gig and see you perform live. Well done on a gorgeous album” (Tom, Naas)

Thanks a lot, your cd arrived today! And thanks for the nice letter which you enclosed! ; I have already listened once to your cd and I enjoyed your music ; You have a very special style I find. Keep on writing such good and positive music! All the best to you, cheers” (Gudrun, Germany)

Rhiannon, Congrats! It is great news that your song made the airwaves. The Ronan Collins show is quite popular. I often have it on when returning from school or afterwards while cooking the dinner. Blessings Phil, Mary and Pat" (Solas Bríde, Kildare)

Hi Rhiannon, Congratulations on the success of your song. “Breathe Again” I’m delighted about your good fortune! (Cliona, Clontarf, Dublin)

Congratulations! On your CD and the recent airplay! I hope it is a great success and that sales are climbing. Please let us know of any forthcoming gigs. It’s great to hear that you’rel on the creative path and that things are going so well."  (Sharon and Michael Caven, Director "Ouroboros "formerly Theatreworks, Dublin)

I would be interested in getting an album but it could be a few weeks, your money goes too fast in London. Oh and when i do order it better be a signed copy!!!!!! Take Care" (Karla, London)

“I expected to go to just another gig and was amazed! You gave a total performance! Excellent value for money and a wonderful show. You reminded me of Kate Bush and I love the new album, looking forward to your next performance.”
(Michael, Sallins)

“Congratulations Rhiannon on your new album HeartSong of the Phoenix and your web page, your lyrics are beautiful and I am intrigued by the imagery in your songs. Can’t wait for your next show.”
(Con, Prosperous)

“Thanks for a wonderful night, you were fabulous and put on a first class show, loved the venue it has a magical atmosphere, Congratulations again!”
(Diane, Kilkee)

“Well done! Your new CD is beautiful, have listened to it again and again. My favourites are Coyote Kisses, Over the Brim and Chase in the Moonlight.”
(Cathy, Naas)

“re: the site...tell Liam he’s done a brilliant job with the web site!!! and the photos...tell him that an amateur from the US says ‘good on ye!!!’ Really well done!!!” (Vicky, USA)

“Hunger is a cool song. Excellent words and stunning performance!”
(Rachel, Waterford)

“HeartSong of the Phoenix is fantastic. I was blown away by your performance at the Old Mill, you gave so much energy and I loved your introductions to each song, it made the night so special to hear the background to the songs. Friends had told me about this new young songwriter Rhiannon and I went along out of curiosity, now I’m smitten. I’ll be at the next Rhiannon gig and many more.”
(Chris, Kilkenny)

“I was incredibly moved by Rhiannon’s performance at the Old Mill, her voice is so expressive and the night was so entertaining. One minute the audience were listening intently to the beauty of her voice and the stories of the songs, at other moments people had tears in their eyes where songs had touched the emotions deeply and then sometimes people were laughing at crazy characters in songs like Stickwoman. Rhiannon is a highly talented performer and songwriter I haven’t stopped talking about that night since and look forward to seeing Rhiannon’s next performance. I love the new album, great title!”
(Maeve, Naas)

“Stickwoman is definitely my favourite song, the character really came to life in your performance at the Old Mill. The lines are so poetic and your voice is so versatile and amazing. Wonderful CD and excellent launch. Looking forward to your next gigs.” (Margaret, Naas)

“Wow! Love the songs, love the presentation. What a performance. Not your typical gig, you gave a complete show. So dynamic and energetic … reminded me of Kate Bush and Bjork!” (Sophie, Clane)

“Brilliant lyrics, and beautiful harmonies in songs, my favourites are Breathe Again, Sealsong on Rathlin Island and Rising from the Ashes. When is the next Rhiannon Show??? “ (Sean, Newbridge)

“You have an amazing voice! And are gorgeous. A wonderful singer and expressive dancer, love the album HeartSong of the Phoenix…will be at your next show, am a big fan.”
(Donal, Newbridge)

“Friends introduced me to your CD HeartSong of the Phoenix and I was at your gig in the Old Mill, what a magical place and I was stunned at your performance…your CD is brilliant but your live show is amazing! Can’t wait for your next performance”
(Sinead, Naas)

“Love your webpage, the background to the Rhiannon myths are really interesting and your lyrics are beautiful, love your writing and the album."
(Keith, Naas)

“You give so much more than a usual singer at a gig, I’ve never experienced a show like it, Wow! You gave a complete show, you are a true performer and know how to handle an audience so well. Everyone was enchanted. Rhiannon was spectacular!”
(Anne, Armagh)

“After the Rhiannon gig at the Old Mill, everyone was smiling and talking excitedly about the stunning performance we had just witnessed. I’ve never been to such an entertaining night, what a performer and such a beautiful voice, brilliant value for money”
(Paul, Naas)

“The pleasure was all mine at the recent Rhiannnon gig. Exquisite voice, a stunning beauty, beautiful dancer and entertainer. Like many other men in the audience I fell in love with the Moon Goddess, Rhiannon.”
(Tony, Newbridge)

“Loved the new CD and can’t wait to hear more. Rhiannon is a star in the ascendant…”
(Catherine, Sallins)

“A soulful beauty, Rhiannon sparkled in live performance, Wow! I’m a big fan and have bought the album for lots of my friends, and am looking forward to your next live show.”
(Brendan, Clane)

“What a talent, Rhiannon was mesmerising in her live show in the Old Mill, I can’t wait to hear more. She is beautiful and gave such a powerful performance, sings with such passion and isn’t afraid to take risks in voicing her emotions. Excellent writing and beautiful imagery.”
(Sarah, Killcullen)




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