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Modelling and Media Shoots

Modelling Catwalk, Wella Hair Fashion Show

Modelling at hairshow, on the catwalk.

Modelling at Hair fashion show, mid shot.

Fun Portrait.

Publicity shoot for Opera Ireland, me with purple bee hive!

Model Portrait.

Modelling mermaid henna tatoo.

Apple Tea Mermaid.

Model Midshot.

B&W model shot, no fringe.

Publicity shoot for Opera Ireland

Publicity shoot for Opera Ireland

Opera Ireland publicity shoot.

Charlie Angels shot for newspaper,

Publicity for Opera Ireland.

Avengers type shot.

Model shot, theatre make up.

Photoshoot Venice.

Modelling in Venice, Mask shop.

Christmas Shoot, on a break.

Myself and Julie Feeney on a break from rehearsals

Julie and I, singersongwriters and old flat mates having a laugh on rehearsal break.



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