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  Celtic Goddess

The Celtic myths are amongst the most beautiful in the world.

Rhiannon is a Welsh Horse Goddess, her name means White Witch or Great Queen  She is an inspiring figure to invoke for Poets, Artists, and Singers.    She possesses deep magic and can manifest her dreams and desires for the good of all.   She is a good witch, a Healer.  She travels on a powerful white horse with her mysterious birds that possess healing powers.   These birds are magical, for they are the birds of Sweetest Song and she is their mistress.  Rhiannon's birds appear in various Celtic symbols in Celtic Art.

Rhíannon is a goddess, the princess submerged in cultural darkness who lies like a shadowy creature in the realms of our dreams waiting to come to life with vigour and passion again.

Rhíannon was as patient as she was beautiful.  She was also extremely courageous.   Rhíannon possessed magnificent singing birds which healed with the magical quality of their voices.

For a more detailed account click here . . . Rhíannon the Saga

  The Phoenix

Phoenix or GarudaMystical Fire Bird born of Sacred Flame.  The Phoenix (also known as the Garuda or Sunbird) is said to have been the only living creature that was allowed to fly into Paradise.  Sacred to the sun, it was believed to live on the wing, having a lifespan of 500 to 1000 years.  Only one Phoenix was alive at any one time and on the death of its parent, a splendid new bird was born through Star Fire and from Sacred Flame.  The Phoenix had the sweetest song of all the birds and its tears had immense healing properties.  The Phoenix, manifests the eternal cycle of time and existence, symbolising the importance of old endings and new beginnings, with the extra element of starting each rebirth at a higher level.

The Phoenix heralds that the time has come for you to be reborn in mind, body and spirit, to slough off your old life in order to face important new challenges. You must not feel daunted for you will arise stronger and more beautiful from the ashes of your old self, empowering you to achieve new heights.  The Phoenix reminds you that the essence of all things in this reality, may be transmuted but not destroyed, for life is everlasting.  


Research material for the Phoenix legend taken from “Harmony Angel Cards" by Angela McGerr.

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