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In the Opera's at the Gaiety Theatre Dublin 

With Anthony Kearns (Irish Tenor) , after our performance in "Tales of Hoffman"

Relaxing in John B's

In costume in the Greenroom Gaiety Theatre, Hoffman.

On stage with Regina Nathan (Irish Soprano)

Gaiety Theatre "La Traviata".

In Costume "La Traviata"

Backstage at the Gaiety Theatre..

In the "Merry Widow"

Under the Gaiety Stage, about to enterstage right.

Myself and Julie Feeney having a laugh on a rehearsal break

Julie and I, Singer Songwriters and old flat mates having a giggle

Mad Purple Hair, publicity shoot for "Die Fledermaus"

PR photo shoot, Opera Ireland.

My Marge Simpson costume! Purple wig for "Die Fledermaus",

In full costume for "Rigoletto"

As "Duke's Courtesan"

In costume in Gaiety Greenroom for "Rigoletto"

Fun backstage at the Gaiety in "La Traviata"

With Regina Nathan (Irish Soprano).

Backstage at the Gaiety theatre, during performance.

As "Olga Kromov", "Merry Widow", Gaiety Theatre.

Waiting for my cue backstage in full costume.

Opera Hair for Merry Widow, Gaiety Theatre.

In costume "La Traviata"

Backstage in the Gaiety theatre, Dublin.

"La Traviata"

Fun in the Gaiety greenroom with friends...attitude!

"Die Fledermaus", Gaiety greenroom.

Groovy Baby!! In mad costumes, Opera Ireland.

With Gerald O'Connor (Irish Bass) in costume "Die Fledermaus".

Backstage at Gaiety Theatre

In Costume for "Tales of Hoffman"

About to go on stage, Gaiety Theatre, Dublin.

"La Traviata" Gaiety Theatre.

In Wardrobe, in costume with friends.

With Giselle Allen (Irish Soprano) & Bernadette Greevy (Irish Mezzo Soprano)

On the Gaiety Stage, Anna Livia Opera Festival, Dublin.

On stage at the Gaiety

Just before curtain up, "La Traviata", Opera Ireland.

Opera card sharks.

Waiting for our call in the Gaiety greenroom, fun in costume.

Gaiety Theatre "La Traviata"

Red Wig Portrait backstage.

During performance of "Pagliacci"

Crossing under the Gaiety stage with friends.

Fun with cast, "La Rondiné"

Marilyn Monroe lift in the Gaiety Greenroom,

"Tales of Hoffman", Opera Ireland.

Gaiety Greenroom Boa smiles!

"La Rondine" Anna Livia Opera Festival.

Top Hat in Gaiety Greenroom , 5 minute call to curtain up.

"Boris Gudonov"Opera Ireland, Gaiety greenroom, Dublin.

In Peasant costumes.

"Boris Gudonov" Opera Ireland.

Gaiety Greenroom having bearded fun with friend!

On stage Gaiety Theatre

...Who is the tallest? Opera Ireland.

With Frank Dunne (Irish Tenor)

"Boris Gudonov" peasants, backstage at the Gaiety Theatre.

Backstage at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin "Tales of Hoffman"

About to go on stage.

Mad antics onstage Gaiety theatre.

With Alison Roddy (Irish Soprano) on Gaiety Stage, "La Rondiné".

Bernadette Greevy Masterclasses in Royal Hospital Kilmainham.



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