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In full swing live show in Moat theatre Naas

Moat Theatre Dec 18th 2004

Live Performance in Moat Theatre December 18th 2004

New Show "HeartSong of the Phoenix"

Live at the Moat Theatre

The Phoenix in a land of exotic lanterns...

Moat Theatre Live performance

With Dave Jordan on Congoes, surrounded by bubbles!

The Phoenix flies across the deserts to exotic lands!

With Dave Jordan on Congoes, djembe & ilembe.

My gift to the audience, the gift of song...

Moat Theatre Naas December 18th, 2004.

Moat theatre, Naas, Live performance

Storyteller in song.

Live at the Moat Theatre...On a journey of Pure Imagination!

Dave and I transfixed on the phoenix flying overhead...

Red Hot Club - Feb 5th

Special Guest Appearance with Pat Spillane on guitar.

Front Cover of CD

Cover shot from Album "Heartsong of the Phoenix"

Breathe Again - Track 1

"The horse has bolted and now I'm able to breathe again, Freely given"

SealSong on Rathlin Island - Track 10

"Find my Treasure, my Seal, my Skin, He has hidden it from me"

Hunger - Track 7

"A girl screaming to be seen, whom everybody hides, tumbling down, down, down, deeper down the stairway of her mind"

Stickwoman - Track 12

" Her face is still a child's lit up by candlelight"

Over the Brim - Track 5

"I was caged in...in my love for him..."

Coyote Kisses -Track 3

" He dogs your day and he trails your night, his pawprints under your skin, he scratches you..."

Coyote Kisses - Track 3

"Coyote Kisses on my neck, my blood heats to red, I am not running as he claws my path into his bed."

Dreamtime - Track 9

"To live a life full of Moon...ripe and full... guard these dreaming spaces..."

WildSeahorse - Track 2

"Swimming back to myself without you"

Chase in the Moonlight - Track 4

"Doors are opening lips, full as a baby's kiss"

Tray Inlay of CD

Sacred grove of trees at Mill Race, Victoria Bridge Naas, close by St. Brigid's Well.

To and Fro - Track 13

"... And dances whirling through the night gathering glimpses of the lovelight"

Backliner of CD

Island View.

Hunger - Track 7

"It begets a maddness and flips your mind around and when you hear the wolves inside, know you're Hunger Bound!"

Last Sunset - Track 8

"Chapping of lips..stolen kisses that smudge the air, the lover's lie...that cuts the truth stark in the sunlight."

MoonClan - Track 11

" And story and song filled each other's thirst for a sense of earthen place"

Chase in the Moonlight - Track 4

"Playing music on my skin"

Stickwoman - Track 12

" And plucks the down from pigeons breasts as pillows for her head."


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